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Tiger cubs at South Korean zoo become public favorites

16.01.2022 75 просмотров

The Year of the Tiger in the Eastern calendar begins on February 1, and on the eve of the holiday, residents of Seoul and the surrounding area come to the Everland Zoo in the Yongin tourist center to admire the five baby tigers who were born there six months ago. 

Amur tigers 7.jpg

> “I enjoyed watching the cubs,” says visitor Cho Yong Ok. -  My son pretends to be a tiger every morning. I hope the Year of the Tiger will be good for our family and the COVID-19 pandemic will finally end.”

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Amur tiger cubs named Areum, Da-un, Uri, Naraand Gangsan - together these names turn into a phrase in Korean "beautiful landscape of our country." The birth of five cubs at once from one tigress was a unique event not only for South Korea, but for the whole world. Amur tigers usually have only two or three cubs in a litter. 

Amur tigers 5.jpgKim Soo Won, zookeeper. - I hope that such luck will accompany all of us this year of the Tiger.

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