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Snowstorms hit northern and northeastern Japan

13.01.2022 206 просмотров

Rapidly developing areas of low atmospheric pressure are causing blizzards in the northern Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido, as well as in the Tohoku region in the northeast of the country.

The Japan Meteorological Administration has reported that typically winter atmospheric conditions, driven by two cyclones, one over the Sea of Japan and one near Hokkaido, are bringing heavy snowfall to the northern part of Japan, the Hokuriku region, as well as the central Tokai region.
< br> In the village of Otoineppu, Hokkaido Prefecture, 31 centimeters of snow fell three hours before 11 am on Wednesday.

Strong wind blows mainly in coastal areas. During the said three-hour period, gusts of almost 130 kilometers per hour were recorded in the city of Hombetsu, Hokkaido Prefecture.

Forecasters warn that snowstorms in northern Japan could complicate traffic, creating near-zero visibility.

> Stormy weather results in flight cancellations. As of 11 a.m. Wednesday, 95 Japan Airlines flights and 65 All Nippon Airways flights were canceled or canceled.

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