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Petting a dog for money is offered in Antalya

01.04.2019 96 просмотров

A dog named Gofi is brought to Kazim Ozalp Street every day by her owner Zeynep Yilmaz.

Her pet is helping to raise funds for street food.

The dog was returned to the shelter
to the beloved dog
The dog sits near one of the food donation points. In front of him is a sign that reads: “Hi, my name is Gofi. Petting me costs 1 lira. This money will be used to buy food for me and street animals.”

The message is duplicated in English, so the dog has become a favorite not only of local residents, but also of foreign tourists.

“Initially, I planned to collect money for food only for Gofi. But when we collected as much money in a day as I spend on dog food in a month, I decided to help street animals,” says Zeynep.

A woman buys food for street animals every day. Gofi earns up to $20 a day. Zeynep is glad that there are many caring people in Antalya. The owner of the Dog thanks everyone for their responsiveness.

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