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Magadan covered with snow

23.11.2018 80 просмотров

Almost a month's worth of rain fell in the region.

Many residents of the city were unable to come to work on time because they did not dig up their cars. On the eve of the rescuers appealed to the population of the Magadan region with a warning about the arrival of a powerful snow cyclone from the Sea of Okhotsk.

In addition, an avalanche danger has been declared in Magadan and the Khasyn district. Forecasters state that 70% of the monthly snowfall fell in two days. And the rain will continue today. Weather improvements are only expected tomorrow, RIA Novosti agency reports. href="mailto:">
First of all, the city services of Magadan clear access roads to social facilities - hospitals, clinics, kindergartens and schools. However, it is not possible to quickly cope with the entire volume of snow that has fallen, they say in the road enterprises of Magadan. Experts note that the snow is sticky and difficult to remove. 

As weather forecasters predict, the current cyclone will leave tomorrow, but the next one is already moving to the region. Blizzards will begin again on the coast of the Magadan region on Sunday evening.

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