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Kitten with four ears became the star of the Internet

25.11.2021 95 просмотров

Midas has 4 ears and a protruding tongue. The adorable four-month-old anomaly has already become an Internet star. More than 100 thousand people have subscribed to the kitten's page on the social network. 

The cat was born along with six brothers and sisters in one of the courtyards of Ankara, but only she had such a mutation. Owner Midas says that she and her husband immediately fell in love with an unusual creature and decided to take her in, believing that the baby's peculiarity would scare away other potential owners.

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“Midas is a very playful kitten, - said the owner of the animal Kanis Dosemechi . She loves to sleep on my lap and spend time with our Labs. We are a big family. I hope that people, having looked at Midas, in the future will prefer not to buy cats, but to take them from the street or from shelters. 

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According to the veterinarian, the extra ears do not interfere with the cat's normal life. She hears well and feels great. All four ears of Midas are connected to the ear canal, which distinguishes her from other animals with this anomaly.

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