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Katunsky reserve holds an international competition dedicated to the Great Altai

12.02.2022 157 просмотров

The Katun Biosphere Reserve, the Katon-Karagay National Park and the Altai-Sayan Mountain Partnership invite schoolchildren and students from the Altai Republic and the East Kazakhstan region to take part in the Great Altai. A mosaic of places and stories.

The purpose of the competition is to collect and preserve information from old-timers about how the transboundary natural territories of Altai - the Katunsky Reserve, the Katon-Karagai National Park and the Ukok Quiet Zone Natural Park, as well as their environs, were used in the historical past. 

Works should be devoted to collecting information, researching and describing what happened during the 20th century in one of the following territories:

·    Katunsky Nature Reserve and adjacent territories,

·    Katon-Karagai National Park

·    Ukok Plateau and adjacent territories

The work does not have to cover the entire territory, but can be dedicated to a specific area or tract.  It is also not necessary to explore the entire hundred-year period: a particular period of time or history can be reflected in the work.

To participate in the contest, you must send the contest work by e-mail to one of the addresses before April 30, 2022:

- in the nomination "Katunskiy Nature Reserve" - to < /p>

- in the nomination "Katon-Karagai National Park" - to

- in the Ukok Plateau nomination - to

< br>

The position can be viewed here:


Greater Asia is official media partner Katunsky Biosphere Reserve.

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