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Katunsky Biosphere Reserve celebrated the World Day of Cleanliness

20.09.2021 156 просмотров

On September 18, the Katunsky Biosphere Reserve joined the World Cleanup Day by holding an environmental campaign to clean up the river bank from debris “Aru Kadyn - Pure Katun”. 

The action was attended by employees of the reserve, guys from the WWF Friends Club and the Katunsky Reserve "Rubicon", members of the Youth Club of the Russian Geographical Society, as well as employees of the village administration.

For Participants shares managed to find and sort out several unauthorized dumps located along the coastline of the Katun River. In total, about 50 bags of garbage were collected. In addition to plastic and glass bottles, which made up most of the garbage, the river bank was polluted with car tires, furniture remains and even a toilet bowl, which local residents did not bother to take to the landfill.

All collected garbage was taken to the landfill by employees of the village administration .

It should be reminded that the environmental campaign "Clean Katun - Aru Kadyn" started on April 22, International Earth Day. The action is one of the stages of the marathon "Katun 688: from the source to the Biya". To date, more than 400 residents of the Republic of Altai and the Altai Territory have taken part in the campaign.

The event is dedicated to the preservation of the Katun River, the most important and sacred river of Altai, which originates from the massif of the highest peak in Siberia - Mount Belukha. The length of the river from its source to the confluence with the Biya River is 688 km. The Katun is the main water basin of the Altai, its major tributaries are the Koksa, Ak-Kem, Kucherla, Kuragan, Argut, Chuya, Chemal and many other rivers.

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