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Kaavan found the long-awaited freedom and peace

30.11.2020 190 просмотров

Kaavan the elephant left Pakistan and arrived in Cambodia.

The whole of Pakistan sadly saw off the elephant named Kaavan, who had flown forever to Cambodia from Islamabad. It was the only proboscis in the whole country. After a long stay in the corral of the capital's zoo, the elephant will gain freedom in the semi-wild conditions of the reserve, where a herd of creatures similar to him is waiting for him.


On the day of the transfer, Kaavan was fed for the last time, the calluses on his feet were cut off, and he was given a sedative to make it easier for him to endure the ten-hour flight to his final destination. 


The container with everyone's favorite was accompanied by an army unit along the entire route to the airport. And transportation from country to country was carried out on the most massive cargo aircraft in the world - Il-76 TD.


While in the air, Kaavan showed no signs of unease and even ate a little. In the north-west of Cambodia, in the picturesque city of Siem Reap, located not far from the famous ancient city of Angkor, the elephant was met by a whole delegation of local zoologists and people who are not indifferent to the fate of the beast. 


On December 1, the wanderer will arrive at his new place of residence.


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