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Japanese electronics makers are phasing out plastic packaging

27.07.2021 126 просмотров

A growing number of electronics manufacturers in Japan are phasing out the use of plastic in their packaging. 

Companies are shifting to environmentally friendly materials in response to growing consumer demand for products with less waste.

The Sony group's latest in-ear headphones come in packaging made from bamboo, sugarcane fibers and recycled paper. This material is recyclable. The company may also use it to package other products.

Consumers are showing growing concern about the environmental impact of the products they purchase, the company said. More attention is expected to be given to this issue in the future.

Casio Computer has switched to less plastic and more recycled paper packaging for approximately 120 of its watches.

Precision equipment manufacturer Ricoh is also following this trend. She uses bioplastics made from sugarcane and other plants as the backing material for the glass in her photocopiers.

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