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Israel's national treasure is being revived in Eilat

30.04.2020 123 просмотров

In Eilat, a city in southern Israel, a luxurious Israeli resort on the Red Sea coast, coral reefs, one of Israel's national treasures, are being restored.

“Many tourists opt for Eilat, because there you can go diving and snorkeling and admire the coral world in all its diversity. Therefore, it is very important to conserve and protect this natural resource,” said Vladimir Shklyar, Department Director of the Ministry of Tourism of Israel in Russia and the CIS, Counselor of the Embassy of the State of Israel in the Russian Federation. tourists. But there was an opportunity to rescue the reefs, which suffered, among other things, due to the storm that hit the resort on March 14.

Rescue activities are carried out on several beaches, from the north to the south coast, including Katz Beach. Rescuers dived to the bottom of the Gulf of Eilat to collect hundreds of broken coral fragments. Then they were placed in a special underwater nursery for recovery before replanting. 

Eilat Mayor Meir Yitzhak Halevi launched an environmental initiative to revive the reefs. He was supported by various organizations, as well as local diving clubs.

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