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India cleans up after hurricane

21.05.2020 122 просмотров

The Indian state of West Bengal is recovering after the departure of a powerful tropical cyclone "Ampan", which hit the settlements of the region the day before.

At the height of the hurricane, the wind speed reached 185 kilometers per hour, and waves up to 5 meters high were observed in the coastal part of the ocean. The rescue service and the police are helping the population and clearing the blockages of trees on the roads.

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"We have already removed 3 trees and now we intend to clear the main street so that it at least partially becomes a roadway," Rudradeep, a Calcutta fire officer, described the situation. .

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Local residents have long been accustomed to such natural disasters, periodically occurring between April and December. A special temporary reception center has been built in the capital city of Kolkata. 

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The state authorities organized a medical examination of the victims, and also arranged for them to be provided with three hot meals a day. It is noteworthy that, despite the force majeure, the authorities have not lifted the mandatory wearing of protective equipment related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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