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In the Palestinian zoo, every day, then childbirth

12.06.2020 110 просмотров

On the West Bank of the Jordan River, in the small town of Qalqiliya, the zoo has seen a sharp increase in livestock due to young animals.

As soon as numerous visitors with children disappeared from the enclosures and cages, the animals experienced an upsurge of love for children, as if trying to populate the empty public space with their offspring.

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The baboons and ostriches especially did their best. In total, the Zoo's population has increased by 15 infant animals.

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"The baby was born on June 1st," said Hind Hader, the veterinarian's daughter. "His mother refused to take care of him. My father had to take the newborn monkey to our home, because without our care he would simply die. He was on a milk diet and by the way, this is not the first monkey that I nurse.Before that, I have already become a foster mother of nine monkey cubs! This is my tenth"…

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school trips to the zoo, - said the veterinarian Sami Hader himself. - So the animals were glad that no one bothered them ... Take at least an ostrich. and, of course, the female periodically laid eggs, but never built nests for them. And this time, since she was left alone, she did the right thing."

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If the animals are happy, then the managers are not. thousand visitors.It was completely closed for 2 months and resumed functioning only in the last days of May.

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