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In the Moscow Zoo, a panda fought a snowman and got a carrot

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  Bamboo bear likes capital winter.

Giant bamboo bear Ruyi, who lives in the Moscow Zoo, won a hard ride over a snowman stuffed with favorite clubfoot delicacies.

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In fact, zoologists decided to make the panda move a little and use the imagination. Carrots and sweet shoots inside the snow globes attracted the beast by smell. But then he had to figure out how to extract the food he longed for from the snow figure. & nbsp;

 Screenshot 2020-12-20 at 14.16.29.png

A Chinese guest - as you know, pandas are only given away from China for a while - he loves snow and is ready to mess around in it in the morning until the evening, as the thick skin and subcutaneous layer of fat reliably protect it from the dank dampness of the metropolitan winter. By the way, the strength of jaw compression in a panda is in no way inferior to an ordinary brown bear in the middle lane.


Rui and his girlfriend Ding-Ding were handed over to Vladimir Putin for 15 years by the leader of the Chinese nation, Xi Jinping. The ceremony took place in April 2019

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