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In Hong Kong, environmentalists propose to switch to the formula "zero waste"

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In Hong Kong, a special territorial-administrative unit of the PRC, the problem of garbage is particularly acute.

Every year the city is increasing the amount of its waste. At present, this figure is up to 2 million 400 thousand tons of waste per year. The municipality has acknowledged that within a decade all landfills will be filled, after which alternative disposal routes will have to be found.

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Meanwhile, some activists propose to use exclusively biodegradable packaging and completely remove food plastic that pollutes the ocean from restaurants and cafes.

This is the only solution possible owner of Sana Cafe. 

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"Our customers throw their leftovers and their packaging into food composters," says Bobsy Gaia. "There, the biomass decomposes in one and a half to two months and turns into fertilizer for farms, well, and just green spaces. And this cycle can be repeated indefinitely. It was a real breakthrough for us when we realized that 100% of our food is back in the food chain."

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Bobsy Gaia does not use any bags or packaging materials of artificial origin at her catering point. The food is given out wrapped in a flatbread. The eco-restaurateur has been living in Hong Kong for 30 years and runs his own business. He believes there is no alternative to his proposed solution.

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