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Huge shark caught in Antalya

12.03.2019 121 просмотров

A predatory fish 4.5 meters long and weighing 500 kilograms got tangled in nets.

The fishermen's catch was a "cotton" shark. She was removed from the boat by a crane and placed in a refrigerator. The animal was later put up for auction. The predator was purchased by one of the city's tourist hotels for $500.

Sharks choose the coast
Near Israeli Hadera
According to Ilham Demir, President of the Antalya Fish Brokers and Entrepreneurs Association, there are many different types of sharks in the Mediterranean Sea. But this one is very rare.

Previously, Big Asia reported that We managed to catch a katran in the waters of Georgia. A one and a half meter long shark was discovered in the Black Sea during an expedition.

The length of male katrans is usually 60-90 centimeters, females - 75-105 centimeters. Experts explain that earlier these chordates were caught for production purposes. Now they are so rare that they want to be included in the Red Book.

2.5 thousand species of animals live in the Black Sea, including katrans or long-spined prickly sharks. In addition, small katrans, hammerhead sharks, as well as marten sharks are found off the coast. They pose no danger to humans.

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