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Heavy rains came to Moscow and the second stage of easing quarantine and self-isolation

29.05.2020 45 просмотров

Moscow was flooded with heavy rains. The climate of the capital has changed dramatically to the Atlantic with European mild winters, lack of snow cover in the cold season and cold rainy summers.

It is through the latitudes of the Mother See that the front of the division of air masses breaking through from the Arctic and warm winds blowing from the Atlantic now passes.

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Despite the bad weather, the number of people on the streets increased sharply after the transition to the second stage of lifting the quarantine. Now, in addition to grocery stores, other stores that are not related to food and essential goods have also opened. The traffic also actually corresponds to the normal congestion of the roads of a typical business week.

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Further easing of quarantine is expected before the Victory Day parade - June 24th. The final lifting of all self-isolation measures should come in another month, since on July 26 the action of the Immortal Regiment is supposed to be held, where it is unlikely that it will be possible to maintain social distance and hygiene measures.

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