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Giant Bamboo Bear Sanctuary Created in China

24.07.2019 170 просмотров

In the northwestern Chinese province of Shaanxi, in the Qinlin Mountains - the eastern part of the Kunlun Range - a new reserve for giant pandas has been created.

The expanses given over to the reserve for clubfoot occupy a truly vast territory, covering not only Qinlin, but also the course of the mountain river Baishui, which is near the city of Guangzhou, and Mount Menshan, known for the fact that here, about 2 thousand years ago, he lived at the end of his reign. Western Han Dynasty famous Taoist Wu Li Zhen. The area closed to hunting and restricted to habitation and visiting zone is 4 thousand square kilometers.

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In order to create the right living conditions for animals and the maximum protection from humans, the reserve is divided into several zones. In most of it, the presence of Homo sapiens is not welcome. However, there is also a territory where zoologists are allowed to conduct research. A relatively small area of the natural park is also provided for visitors from the big world. It is here that guests can join the wildlife and get up close and personal with the peaceful lover of young cane shoots. 

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In addition to the pandas themselves, of which there are already 345 individuals in Qinling, the reserve is also intended to preserve more than 8 thousand rare species of animals and plants, many of which are endemic.

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