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Filipino divers clean the seabed of plastic

16.10.2021 131 просмотров

Every time you dive deep, you can make the sea cleaner. This is what Filipino divers say and set an example: they collect old plastic bottles, bags, diapers and fishing tackle from the bottom. 

There is a lot of garbage - in the monsoon season it is brought from all over the country.

“If everyone picks up garbage from the bottom, it is no longer useless,” driver Haley Osborne is sure. “Of course, we have quite a big task ahead of us, but every step along the way is important.”

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“Every time you take a diaper or a plastic bag off the reef, you save coral,” says Carmela Sevilla, organizer of underwater garbage collection. -  Yes, the part on which the garbage was hanging died, but its other branches are alive, and the reef can regenerate. And by pulling out fishing lines and nets from the bottom, you save turtles that can get entangled or swallowed in them.

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A 2021 report published by the scientific publication Our World in Data states that most plastic enters the ocean from coastlines and rivers. 81 percent of plastic waste comes from Asia, with a third of Asian plastic coming from the Philippines.
Local activists are trying to draw the attention of authorities and businesses to this problem and hold various waste collection campaigns.

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