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Filipino artist invents 'volcanic watercolors'

27.01.2020 102 просмотров

Filipino artist Janina Saniko draws her inspiration from the depths of the earth - more precisely, the volcanic activity of our planet.

After the earthquake that occurred in the north of the island nation, the fields and forests of her homeland were covered with a deep layer of ash. Farmers producing one of the best coffees in the world are complaining about crop failures, although in the future volcanic emissions will enrich the soil, making it more fertile. 

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house. If you dissolve the ash in a certain proportion in water and add a fixative to the resulting mixture, you get a new kind of paint.

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"I was shocked by what happened 8 years ago. I especially felt sorry for the animals and birds: they couldn't escape, they could only perish, says Janina Saniko.

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The artist uses her invention to convey the gray palette of the surrounding world, affected by the rampant elements. Amazing landscapes and images of native nature come out from under her brush. The artist specializes in watercolors, which explains the desire to discover a new water-soluble dye.Yanina also teaches at the local painting school.

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