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Exhibition of tropical butterflies opened in Barnaul

18.06.2019 64 просмотров

Guests of the exposition will be able to see the brightest representatives of different families.

Sailboats, morphids, brasolids, peacock-eyes and others are represented. Collected butterflies that live in the countries of North and South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, on a number of islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans and Madagascar. 

A huge hornet
found in China
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Butterflies fly around the exhibition visitors. They can be photographed and filmed. By the way, everyone will witness the birth of these winged insects.

The exposition also includes Achatina snails, Cuban and Madagascar cockroaches.

Previously, "Greater Asia" reported that a butterfly garden. It is located on the territory of the zoo in the city of Gaziantep.
1.5 thousand butterflies of 50 species were brought from the Philippines. “We have made a lot of efforts to please our visitors with such unusual beauty,” said the head of the settlement, Fatima Shahin.

Gaziantep authorities are confident that the Tropical Butterfly Garden will play a significant role in the development of tourism in the region and will attract not only local residents, but also foreign guests. 

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