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Elephant plays the harmonica in India

21.12.2018 98 просмотров

An animal named Andaal has shown his musical talents in the state of Tamil Nadu.

In addition, the elephant danced to the beat of the music, according to the Daily Mail. A trainer placed a harmonica on the tip of the animal's trunk at the Tekkampatti elephant camp.

The only hospital in the world
for elephants opened in India
Andaal inhaled and exhaled air, extracting sounds from the instrument . At the same time, the elephant happily shook her head, flapped her ears and wagged her tail.

Andaal is one of the 32 temple elephants that live in the camp. Animals are carefully looked after. They are provided with food and medicine.

Recall that temple elephants are animals that are used in religious holidays and festivals. They are painted in bright colors and taken out to people.

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