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Ecological volunteers spent the first shift in the Katunsky Reserve

30.07.2021 152 просмотров

Student volunteers of the Russian Technological University - RTU MIREA once again became participants in the environmental volunteer shift "Multa-2021", which took place at the Multinsky site of the Katunsky Biosphere Reserve. 

The guys were engaged in the improvement of one of the most visited routes of the reserve - "To the land of lakes and waterfalls". 

Cooperation between the reserve and the University of Technology began in 2017. During this time, a number of large joint & nbsp; volunteer projects have been carried out in support of the protected nature. All projects took place on the most visited part of the reserve - Multinsky.

At the first stage of the volunteer program, the guys visited the Museum of History and Culture of the Uimon Valley and the Museum of the N.K. Upper Uimon, visited the apiary of Alexander Kazantsev and the village estate of the family of Irina and Sergei Kononov, where they tasted the local cuisine of the Uimon Old Believers.

Volunteers got a wonderful opportunity to visit the unique territory, to appreciate the beauty of the protected nature, to contribute to its preservation and development. During their stay on the territory, the guys repaired a gazebo on the Cross Lake, which was damaged during an avalanche last year, cleared the path from fallen trees and branches that prevented passage along it, and also put in order bridges in wetlands and built a toilet.

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This year the students were accompanied by a film crew led by Pavel Selin.  Under the auspices of the Russian society "Knowledge", a cycle of documentaries "Volunteers" is being created to be shown in one of the largest domestic online cinemas. The stories will tell about young people who combine volunteer work with interesting adventures in the most picturesque, remote and exotic places in Russia. The main task of the films is to show how such expeditions help to educate the younger generation in the spirit of caring for the nature and history of Russia, contribute to the formation of caring people who are always ready to help others - real volunteers.     

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