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Eco-activists win a lawsuit against the President of Indonesia

25.09.2021 83 просмотров

In Indonesia, a court ordered President Joko Widodo to set national air quality standards to protect human health and the environment, and ordered the country's health minister and the governor of Jakarta to develop strategies to combat air pollution. 

This is the verdict in the case of exceeding the permissible norms of harmful substances in the air of the capital. The plaintiffs - 32 activists - filed a lawsuit back in 2019, stating that the authorities are unable to fix the difficult environmental situation in the metropolis. 

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, environmental supervision and other aspects were accepted and approved by the Judiciary, - says lawyer Algiffari Aksa. - For us, this is a historic decision in the fight for clean air in Jakarta."

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Although the Jakarta court did not recognize the behavior of the authorities as a violation of human rights, it ordered the country's leadership to take a number of measures, including the analysis of transboundary emissions and ecological expertise of old cars. Jakarta is systematically included in the world's top 10 with the most severe environmental situation. Eco-activists hope that the court decision will be the starting point for changing the situation for the better.

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