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"Cleansing" flash mob will be held in Cyprus

09.02.2020 111 просмотров

The Paphos beach cleanup campaign starts today and will be the 25th in a row.

The organizer is the Eco cyprus movement. Its representatives invite not only those who have supported the initiative for a long time, but also newcomers who want to do a good deed to join.

Antique underwater park
appears in Cyprus
Feel free to come to Lighthouse Beach in Paphos. Take your whole family, friends and positive mood with you, activists say. 

According to them, there is nothing better than to combine a pleasant walk along the sea with a simple garbage collection. Eco cyprus reminds that the participants of the environmental campaign will need: comfortable clothes and drinking water, gloves and bags, writes Cyprus online.

Previously, "Greater Asia" reported that the police of Cyprus">the water area of the Mediterranean Sea was removed in the area of the Old Port and Palm alley of Limassol.

The officers raised from the bottom of the water area bottles, plastic glasses, fragments of the pier fencing and a lot of other garbage that people throw into the reservoir. 

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