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Chinese ducks to save Pakistan from locusts

01.03.2020 93 просмотров

Pakistani authorities plan to prepare more than 100,000 birds to secure crops.

Experts believe that one duck can eat more than 200 insects a day. This method of locust control is more effective and environmentally friendly than using pesticides.

< a href="">India coped with threat widespread locust invasion

Before the birds are sent to Pakistan, they will be cooked in western China. Researchers believe that birds like to be in a flock, so they are easier to manage. In 2000, ducks were already being used to control locusts.

After all legal issues are resolved, the birds will be sent to the most affected areas of Pakistan - the provinces of Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab. locust invasion - the largest in the last 20 years. The spread of insects may be due to changes in the weather. 

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