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China successfully preserves and enhances the country's biodiversity

12.10.2021 103 просмотров

China has made remarkable progress in biodiversity conservation through various unremitting efforts to protect and restore the environment.

total of 112 species of rare and endangered plants unique to China have returned to the wild thanks to measures to expand their protection zones and conserve biodiversity outside their habitat.

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as national parks, with the number of protected natural areas in China reaching 11,800.

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What's more, China's massive efforts to combat desertification have ranked first in the world in terms of forest growth. 90% of the forms of terrestrial ecosystems and vegetation, as well as 85% of the populations of key wild animals are under state protection. Such efforts have helped reverse the decline in populations of various endangered wildlife.

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China continues to follow the path of green development and seeks to strike a balance between environmental protection and development. China will unfailingly continue to contribute its wisdom and strength to the conservation of global biodiversity in the future.

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