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China reopens one of the country's most beautiful natural reserves

25.02.2020 70 просмотров

Despite the threat of coronavirus that has not yet been removed, the administration of the provinces of Shanxi and Shaanxi decided to open one of China's natural attractions to the public.

This is the second largest waterfall in the Middle Kingdom - Hukou, which, translated from Chinese, literally means "teapot spout". It is located at the junction of two regions of China, 25 kilometers from the city of Jixian.

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A peculiar natural phenomenon appeared in the lower reaches of the Yellow River due to a sharp drop in altitude and narrowing of the channel from 300 to 30-40 meters. It is noteworthy that since the name of the water artery is translated from Chinese as “yellow river”, accordingly, the waterfall on it received the epithet “yellow”. It is located in a remote place, but over the past two decades, the Chinese authorities have done everything possible to improve the transport accessibility of the beautiful place.

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, head of the party cell of the management company. “In addition, we temporarily abandoned the organization of collective catering in order to stop a possible route for the spread of the epidemic.” 

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The day before epidemics the annual flow of tourists amounted to 100,000 people, which is five times more than 15 years ago. In addition to convenient parking, the management company has built several restaurants with views of natural beauty and souvenir shops. The flow of visitors does not dry out even in winter, when the rapids are overgrown on the sides with ice scallops and stalactites, making the landscape even more fantastic.

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