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Birds of prey to be registered in Kyrgyzstan

29.08.2018 118 просмотров

Also, all animals will receive a special electronic chip and a sanitary passport. 

The order to change the keeping of game birds was signed the day before by the director of the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry, Abdykalyk Rustamov. The new rules have become an addition to the previously adopted regulations, which introduced a number of restrictions on the conditions for keeping animals. In particular, in order to breed birds and go hunting with them, you must obtain a special license. If their owner does not notify the relevant authorities, the animals will be confiscated. 

The new rules regulate the conditions for keeping birds. So, the area of \u200b\u200bthe enclosure must be at least 12 square meters, and they must also be equipped with locks. The temperature regime is negotiated (from +25 to -15 degrees). 

The rules for using birds during hunting have been changed. So, lovers of this type of recreation will no longer be able to use special drugs that stimulate the aggressiveness of birds. Bird fights are strictly prohibited. 

According to local media, there are now about 200 people in Kyrgyzstan owning birds of prey.

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