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Attempt to restore coral reefs in Halong Bay yields results

27.07.2021 162 просмотров

The Ha Long Bay Authority in Vietnam's northern Quang Ninh province continues to implement measures to conserve coral reef ecosystems and reports improvement. 

According to VIA (Vietnam News Agency), the deputy head of the Ha Long Bay Authority Pham Dinh Hun noted the gradual recovery of the reef landscape. According to him, the area of coral reefs and the number of branched corals are beginning to increase. 

According to the agency, local authorities have created a database of ecosystems in the bay that need to be preserved. The state of ecosystems is under constant monitoring, which allows you to quickly identify and prevent new threats.

Also, the Agency has strengthened control over the implementation of such protective measures as patrolling the territory, banning pollution of the bay and collecting garbage floating in its waters. Particular attention is being paid to cleaning up the foothills of the islands in Ha Long, where corals are most abundant. 

In addition, according to the WHA, the Bay Authority and the Municipal People's Committee of Ha Long City have launched an information campaign to raise awareness among ship crews about the inadmissibility of fishing in protected waters and anchor next to coral reefs. 

Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of Vietnam's most popular tourist destinations. 147 species of various corals live in the waters of the bay. 

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