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Army saves people from locusts

07.06.2020 116 просмотров

Thousands of Pakistani troops went out to cultivate farmland to save crops from locusts.

countless swarm of harmful and voracious insects swept over the country, forcing the government to make an unprecedented decision - to bring in the army. Soldiers are now spraying over 5,000 square kilometers of fields with pesticides.

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"The Asian Development Bank and the World Bank are ready to provide us with assistance in the amount of 150 million dollars," said Fakr Imam, Minister of Agriculture of Pakistan. "But we are asking for 372 million. The amount should cover our expenses on three items "Firstly, we must finance all ongoing disaster relief operations. Secondly, we intend to create an infrastructure to prevent new locust infestations. And thirdly, we will need another 50 million to cover operating costs."

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Pakistani officials have already announced that such a swarm of locusts has not flown to Pakistan for more than 3 decades. People in the villages are alarmed as this disaster coincides in a strange way with the coronavirus pandemic in the world. The total mass of insects is at least 50 million units. Locusts are capable of moving more than 150 kilometers in one day.

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