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An unusually rich harvest of peaches and plums is harvested in the Chinese province of Sichuan

05.08.2021 101 просмотров

Plum and peach trees in the Chinese province of Sichuan have yielded an unusually rich harvest. 

Sweet fruits are literally everywhere: the locals are busy picking, sorting, weighing and packing them. 

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“We deliver between 500 and 800 packages of fruit daily to various parts of the country,” said Wang Ming, party secretary of Shuangshan Village. - Daily sales volume is now between 20,000 and 30,000 RMB.

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Daily fruit sales in this village exceed 20,000 yuan, which is more than 200,000 rubles. Farmers' wages are rising, and to make the process of harvesting and selling crops faster, local authorities have hired additional workers to help farmers.

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“Now I can earn more than three thousand yuan a month,” a villager expresses delight Cai Xiqin. - And the workplace is close to home. I can make money by taking care of my family, which is very nice.”

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This year, 350,000 kilograms of peaches will be harvested in Fengguang village alone. All of them will be sold: with the help of local authorities, farmers have been able to significantly expand online and offline distribution channels.

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