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Almaty resident created a shelter for stray dogs at his own expense

25.02.2020 378 просмотров

The story about the volunteer was shown by the Kazakh TV channel Khabar 24.

Every year, about 20,000 stray dogs are caught on the streets of the city and, as a rule, they are euthanized after three days, if the owners themselves do not respond. Sergey Snegiryov found out this sad statistic a couple of years ago and decided to help abandoned pets. He not only takes them from capture, but also trains them - teaches them to be useful to humans, tries to attach four-legged animals to new families.

Unfortunately, places for everyone dogs are missing. Therefore, he has to select pets. If the dog makes contact and is affectionate, then Sergey takes it. First, he takes him to the veterinarians so that the four-legged friend is examined, vaccinated, and sterilized. And after quarantine, which lasts 21 days, the dog ends up in the shelter of the animal rights activist ">TV Channel.

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“For a year and a half, I think that more than 100 animals have passed through us, found new families. They live happily, - says Sergey Snegiryov. - We are in contact with everyone, they send us videos, photos of the new life of animals. We are all very pleased. There was not a single case of unsuccessful “accommodation”, not a single case of returning animals.”

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It's not people who choose dogs, but Sergei looks at how willing a potential owner is to take care of a pet. Now there are 110 dogs in the shelter, and while they are here, the volunteer mainly keeps them at his own expense. Every month he spends 800 thousand tenge on his pets. By the way, not all dogs are attached to houses. Sergei sends those who can be trained to study at a cynological school.

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After two or three months, such a dog will be ready to communicate with special children. This is a kind of therapy, which is not so developed in Kazakhstan. Classes with animals help someone learn to express emotions or develop other skills of interacting with the outside world. Animal activists Sergey Snegiryov has been visiting children at the center of social inclusive programs for more than a month now.

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