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A special territory for reindeer will be created in Yakutia

31.10.2019 101 просмотров

The reserve, where all conditions will be created in the first place for the preservation of the livestock, will appear in the Bulunsky district.

The specially protected natural area will occupy an area of at least 65,000 hectares. The place will become a kind of refuge for reindeer during breeding and caring for cubs. It is during this period that animals are most vulnerable and can suffer from human hands. 

The territory will appear on the southern slope Chekanovsky Ridge - this is the only place for wild northern inhabitants, where they spend summer and feeding.  ;

The Forest Forum was held in Yakutia.
The rights of deer protected.

To preserve the population, experts plan not only to equip the territory, but also to employ the local population so that it does not engage in poaching. In addition, there will be a ban on the use of all-terrain vehicles in the deer habitat.

About 160 thousand individuals of wild reindeer live in Yakutia. The number of animals is periodically reduced, including due to representatives of the indigenous peoples of the North, for whom hunting is a traditional way of life. 

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