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A guest of the Moscow Zoo gave a master class of physical exercises for self-isolated Russians

04.04.2020 53 просмотров

The employees of the Moscow Zoo decided to support compatriots engaged in self-isolation at home throughout our continental territory.

Coronavirus does not sleep, so people should stay at their place of residence. But imprisonment within four walls can be carried out with no less pleasure than, for example, the wonderful Chinese bamboo bear Ruyi does. 

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His acrobatic cannons on a projectile consisting of a barrel with a rope were posted on the zoo's website on the Internet. Zoologists offer Russians to take up physical education, adopting a panda as a role model. 

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But if a funny black-and-white beast is given to entertainment thoughtlessly, as it should be for our smaller brothers, then a person, according to employees zoo, could approach the process in a useful way: for example, doing vertical stretching on a stepladder to dust off bookshelves or the top of a cabinet. No less useful for health and general improvement of the atmosphere in the apartment is to sort out the rubble gathering dust in the corners and hiding in the darkness under the sofa.

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And Ruyi will patiently wait for the end of quarantine to meet his many fans at the zoo .

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