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You can carry no more than a woman's handbag on Turkish planes

13.08.2020 128 просмотров

The aviation authorities of Turkey have introduced restrictions on the carriage of hand luggage when flying to the republic.

The General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Turkey has introduced restrictions on the carriage of hand luggage during flights to the republic. This is stated in the circular of the Turkish department, received on Tuesday at the disposal of TASS.

in the commercial areas of the airport souvenirs brought by passengers (musical instruments, cameras, etc.) things, bags of diplomatic couriers, precious stones and samples of gold. Backpacks and shoulder bags, which are comparable in size to women's handbags, are allowed for transportation in the cabin,” the document explains. maintain social distancing during embarkation and disembarkation and ensure that cabin crew do not have to touch luggage.”

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