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Volunteers from Russia held an evening of national culture at the World Cup in Qatar

13.12.2022 ТАСС 88 просмотров

The Russian Embassy in Qatar helped the volunteers in organizing the event.

Russian volunteers taking part in the organization of the World Cup in Qatar organized a day of national culture for colleagues from other countries. Anatoly Savinov, one of the organizers of the event, told TASS about this on Tuesday.

"All foreign volunteers working at the World Cup, which is about 2,000 people, are housed in one body," Anatoly Savinov said. — The guys came from dozens of different countries. We wanted to show Russia on a large scale, to make a big holiday."

As the interlocutor told TASS, the Russian Embassy in Qatar helped the volunteers in organizing the event. A musical group was invited, which performed Russian folk songs. "We fed all the guests, artists performed, held outdoor games, contests. It was a lot of fun," Savinov said. — We distributed souvenirs: Alenka chocolates, gingerbread cookies, matryoshkas — everything that we brought with us, presented or played. On our own, we prepared pies, pancakes, vinaigrette, olivier and other traditional dishes for everyone. Someone even managed to bring a bottle of kvass from Russia."

The event was held in the open air — on a sports field in the village of volunteers. Russian flags and humorous inscriptions in Russian were hung around its perimeter. Foreign visitors of the evening were invited to try to pronounce Russian words written in transliteration, for example, eminence, eleventh grader, landmark and others.

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