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Vladimir Putin: "Everything will be fine with God's help"

19.04.2020 142 просмотров

The President of Russia congratulated Orthodox Christians and all citizens of Russia celebrating Easter - the Bright Resurrection of Christ.             

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Dear friends! 

From the bottom of my heart I congratulate all Orthodox Christians on the Bright Resurrection of Christ, on the great feast of Holy Easter. 

I know that representatives of of all our religious denominations, followers of all the traditional religions of Russia.

This year the holiday takes place in conditions of forced restrictions. They are necessary to fight the spread of the disease known all over the world - coronavirus infection.

Together, by joining forces, we solve emerging problems. And for this, as I have said more than once, we have everything: a healthy, strong economy, scientific potential, the necessary material and highly professional base in the field of healthcare. 

We carefully analyze the experience of other countries, actively interact with our foreign friends and colleagues, we understand what is happening, we see the risks, we know what needs to be done in any development of the situation, and we do what is necessary. At the same time, we are working ahead of the curve. 

Yes, all measures to protect the life and health of people, to support the economy require additional and greater resources and reserves. We have them. We use them prudently, pointwise, based on the current situation and, above all, to help people, those families who are now in a difficult situation. 

All levels of government work rhythmically, in an organized manner, and responsibly. The situation is under complete control. Our entire society unites in the face of a common threat.

Once again I want to thank those who, at the call of their hearts, extend a helping hand to their neighbors, to those who need it today, to say thank you to all of you. There is no doubt: we will worthily pass through the trials sent to us. 

And today's spiritual, joyful and bright event, the centuries-old traditions of the Easter holiday will also help and support each of us, strengthen our hope and faith. Because Easter, the Resurrection of Christ, is a symbol of the triumph of life over everything that is against it. It is a symbol of purification, rebirth and the continuation of life.

Our people say: trust in God, but do not make a mistake yourself. We do. But on this bright holiday of the Resurrection of Christ, one still wants to say: everything will be fine with God's help. 

Happy holiday to you. Be happy and healthy.

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