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A meeting of generations of defenders of the Fatherland took place in the Theater of the Russian Army

17.02.2023 Пресс-служба Росгвардии 35 просмотров

Colonel-General Igor Ilyash took part in the solemn Meeting of generations of defenders of the Fatherland.

Deputy Director of the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation – Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Igor Ilyash made a welcoming speech from the leadership of the department at the solemn Meeting of generations of defenders of the Fatherland, timed to the celebration of February 23.

In his address, he noted that February 23 is an important day for our country, when we honor everyone for whom hard military work has become a vocation and destiny.

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"It is difficult to find a family in our country where there are no heroes who shed blood on the battlefields. Russia, as a state, was formed in battles and battles, and the defenders of the Fatherland have always enjoyed the unfailing love of the people.


The profession of a warrior was considered one of the most difficult, but at the same time honorable and noble," said Colonel—General Igor Ilyash.

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The solemn event, which took place in the Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army, was attended by Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, combat operations and military service, participants of a special military operation, servicemen and employees of the Russian Guard, representatives of military dynasties, cadets and cadets of Moscow military educational institutions and many others.

Veterans and active defenders of the Fatherland were awarded state and departmental awards. Among the awardees are five Rosgvardians, awarded with medals "For Courage", Suvorov and Zhukov.

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