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A film about Anatoly Karpov was shown in the capital of the Philippines

01.02.2023 ТАСС 66 просмотров

A screening of the Russian film "World Champion" took place in Manila.

Members of the Moscow government on Tuesday organized in Manila screening of the film directed by Alexei Sidorov "World Champion" (2021), which is dedicated to the legendary match for the world chess crown held in 1978 in the Philippine city of Baguio between the current world champion from the USSR Anatoly Karpov and Soviet grandmaster Viktor Korchnoi who emigrated to Switzerland. According to a TASS correspondent from the scene, Karpov personally attended the event and greeted the Filipino audience.

"In 1978, footage of the World Championship match was broadcast on Philippine television every day and attracted a lot of attention from local residents. This event was also watched by professional chess players of the Philippines, so the match significantly influenced the development of the chess culture of this country," Karpov told TASS correspondent.

"The figure of Karpov is of great importance for the Philippines. Many people here know him, and I am glad that he continues to popularize chess in our country," Filipino grandmaster Eugenio Torre said in an interview with TASS correspondent.

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