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A large-scale Japanese exhibition "Five Elements of Tea" has opened at the Museum of the East

10.08.2022 Пресс-центр Государственного музея Востока 59 просмотров

On August 10, the State Museum of the East presents a large-scale exhibition "Five Elements of Tea".

On August 10, the State Museum of the East presents a large-scale exhibition "Five Elements of Tea".

The exhibition "Five Elements of Tea" is dedicated to the material world of the Japanese tea action cha-no yu, a special cultural practice of making and drinking green tea, formed in Japan on the basis of the custom of joint tea drinking among monks and laypeople, the ideas of Zen Buddhism and the canons of traditional aesthetics. The exhibition is dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding master, the founder of the classical tea action of Japan - Seng no Rikyu.

The large-scale exhibition will feature more than 100 museum items. All the main types of tea utensils will be presented: ceramics of China, Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan of the XIII-XXI centuries, products made of lacquer, wood and metal, as well as paintings that accompanied tea meetings, decorating the tokonoma niche in rooms and pavilions. Engravings allow you to see the order of the ceremony in the household at the end of the XIX century, and small plastic netsuke and okimono show tea masters through the eyes of carvers. The rich collection of the Oriental Museum and items from private collections allow you to get acquainted with different styles and stages of the formation of modern tea action: tea parties using precious Chinese utensils in the XIII-XV centuries, a modest ceremony of Seng-no Rikyu, tea parties for large feudal lords in the XVII-XIX centuries, the revival of interest in cha-no yu in the XX century. and the avant-garde trends of the XXI century.

Curator of the exhibition:Anna Egorova

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