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A presentation of the book by Indian poet Irshad Kamil in Russian was held in India

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Among the guests of honor of the event was the Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov.

The book of the Indian poet Irshad Kamil "The Season of Poetry of India" in Russian was presented on Tuesday at the University of Jawaharlal Nehru in New Delhi. As the translator of the book, professor of the Russian language of this university Sonu Saini told TASS correspondent, the purpose of the publication of the book is to introduce the Russian reader to modern poets of India.

"In translation, I tried to preserve the meaning and soul of the poems. I tried to immerse myself in the mood as much as possible and convey it in Russian," said Sonu Saini.

He noted that the presentation brought together students of the University of. Jawaharlal Nehru, Russian language students, teachers and staff of the Center for Russian Studies of this one of the most famous universities in India. Russian language specialists, diplomats, journalists, and members of the public were there.

Among the honored guests of the event was the Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov, who pointed out that the presentation of such a book is an extraordinary event. "Extraordinary for many reasons, and the main one for me as a Russian is the magnificent and titanic work done by Dr. Saini and embodied in this wonderful collection of poems and poems by Irshad Kamil in Russian," the ambassador noted.

Irshad Kamil, the author of the poems presented in the book, said that one of his favorite poets is Rasul Gamzatov, so he is especially pleased that his poems have been translated for the Russian reader.

"The collection includes poems, some of which were previously published in Indian literary magazines, and there are also lyrics performed in Indian films. <...> Most of the poems in the book are poems about love," the poet added.

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