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The festival "Kolyada-Plays" opened in Yekaterinburg

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The festival "Kolyada-Plays" in the Urals gathered 26 theater groups from Russia and Kazakhstan.

About 26 theater groups will take part in the international festival "Kolyada-Plays", which was opened in Yekaterinburg on Monday, the director and artistic director of the "Kolyada-Theater", the president of the festival, told TASS in the Ural Regional Center Nikolai Kolyada.

Participants will present performances based on plays by modern playwrights, including Ural ones.

"The festival is unique, <...> because only we have, as critics called it, the "Ural school of drama". <...> There are not many of my plays here, I am also a Ural playwright. In fact, I am very pleased with [the choice of plays]: Sveta Bazhenova, Valera Shulgin, Ira Vaskovskaya, Oleg Bogaev, <...> Sigarev, Kuzema Katya. <...> We have prepared a holiday for you, we will please you for 10 days," he notedNikolai Kolyada.

According to him, among the participants are theater troupes from St. Petersburg, Temirtau (Kazakhstan), Izhevsk, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Arkhangelsk, Tyumen, Taganrog, Barnaul, Perm and other cities. "Our guests - and there will be about 400-500 people from different cities and countries - 26 theaters," he saidNikolai Kolyada.

The show opened on June 20 with a foam party in the city center, which everyone could join. During the festival, participants will present almost three dozen productions, among which the best works will be selected.

As the organizer of the "mini theater" from Chelyabinsk shared with TASSAlexander Cherepanov, who has been participating in the festival for several times, the special atmosphere that reigns in Yekaterinburg these days is important for artists. The theater will present to the audience the productions of "Lolita" based on the play by Vaskovskaya and "My friends are anti-Semites" by Masha Kontorovich. "Lolita" - <...> it was such a joint project, she [Vaskovskaya] wrote a dramatization based on Nabokov's novel for us - we like this performance, so we wanted to bring it, show it. We staged Masha Kontorovich almost a month after the opening of the theater, <...> we can say, such a program performance of our theater," he saidAlexander Cherepanov.

About the festival

In addition to the competition program, out-of-competition screenings will also take place - residents and guests of Yekaterinburg are waiting for a productionNikolai Kolyada's "Taras Bulba", a sketch of the play "A little Good", monologues by Ural playwrights performed by actors of the "Kolyada Theater" and much more. The festival will last until June 30.

"Kolyada-Plays" has been held in Yekaterinburg since 1994 with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Sverdlovsk region.

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