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The first tourists after the pandemic in Thailand will be the Chinese

27.05.2020 32 просмотров

Companies from China are confident in this, according to The Thaiger.

Meanwhile, the country is not accepting foreigners until at least June 30.

Thailand rushes to develop its own
COVID-19 vaccine
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In the most optimistic scenario, 14-16 million visitors will arrive in Thailand this year. Although last year the kingdom was visited by about 40 million tourists, which made the country the most popular destination in Southeast Asia.

At the same time, the Chinese made up more than a quarter of all foreign visitors. Now their importance for the country has increased. It is expected that long-haul travel will not be able to quickly regain its relevance. 

However, tourism development plans in Thailand are currently focused on domestic and short-term travel. The authorities expect Chinese guests to be the first to return.

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