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In China, after the lifting of restrictions on travel across the country, citizens went to travel en masse for the long holiday weekend of early May.

Approximately 85 million people visited other cities or visited theme and nature parks in the first 3 days of May, according to the country's national tourism authority. In just 72 hours, agencies, hotels, air and rail carriers in the Middle Kingdom generated nearly $5 billion in revenue.

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On the first day of May, the total number of rail passengers exceeded the average daily April volume by 40%. In just one day, about 7 thousand trips were recorded and 5 million people were transported.

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May holidays are celebrated in China from the first to the fifth day. In order to please people after a long two-month confinement at home, the authorities hastily lifted quarantine from 4,000 tourist sites. The results of visits to cultural sites were not surprising: the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing are traditionally very popular. The Imperial Palace Museum Complex has been quarantined for 90 days. 

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