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Taiwan allows ocean cruises

27.07.2020 103 просмотров

In China's island territory of Taiwan, authorities have allowed passengers to embark on their first cruise since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Despite the still ongoing coronavirus epidemic in the world, the authorities of the Chinese island territory of Taiwan allowed the resumption of pleasure trips on board ocean cruise liners.

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"Before the epidemic, we cruised a lot with the whole family," said passenger Wu Zanhao - Due to COVID-19, we had to spend a lot of time at home. So today is the premiere for me - I'm going on this ship with all my family and close friends." 

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due to the coronavirus, we could not make cruises, but I really wanted to! - admitted 22-year-old Kai Jaru. - So I decided to go on this voyage on board the Explorer Dream. We will sail m from island to island. I'm not worried about the coronavirus, because, in my opinion, in Taiwan, everything is already in order with this now. As long as everyone on board gets their temperature taken, we're definitely safe."

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Representatives of the pleasure swimming company told the press that they have taken all necessary safety measures. It is not only about measuring temperature when boarding, but also about the arrangement of tables in the dining area, and about contactless dispensers of disinfectants, and a number of other innovations designed to protect passengers from an epidemiological threat.

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Each of the 900 passengers completed the declaration , confirming that his state of health is normal. Providing false information is punishable by law.

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