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Watch the broadcast of the unique super-technological CMG gala concert in honor of the Mid-Autumn Holiday!

10.09.2022 China Media Group (CMG)-CCTV 21 просмотров

The concert, which will show the grace and beauty of traditional Chinese culture, will begin at 15 o'clock Moscow time.

The gala concert of the Media Corporation of China (China Media Group, CMG) on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Holiday of 2022 will harmoniously combine traditional Chinese culture with elements of modern fashion. 

The leitmotif of the gala concert is traditionally the Moon. As the plot of the colorful show develops, beautiful and romantic Chinese legends and tales about the Moon are given a musical embodiment, giving viewers the opportunity to enjoy the enchanting beauty of Chinese culture.

The gala concert will feature a variety of performances, including song and dance, as well as symphonic performances, opera performances and sketch shows - and all of them will reflect a deep sense of love for the Motherland and its traditions.

The gala concert will be broadcast in prime time on September 10 via CCTV and CMG media platforms, and will also be shown on more than 200 ultra-high definition screens at more than 50 public and cultural venues in 22 provinces and municipalities.
The Zhongqiu Festival, also known as the "Moon Festival", is considered one of the largest traditional holidays for the Chinese. It falls on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, which this year falls on September 10. Since ancient times, it has been customary for the Chinese to reunite with family members on this day, admire the Moon and treat each other with moon cakes.

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