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Shinto purification ritual held in Japan

16.01.2022 46 просмотров

Orthodox believers plunge into the hole at Epiphany, and the Japanese followers of Shinto - into the pool of ice. 

The ritual is held annually on the second Sunday of January. On the street - plus 9 degrees, the water temperature - plus 7. Men and women plunge for about a minute. The main goal is to cleanse your soul and pray for the well-being of the community. This year, one of the main requests to the Almighty was the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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“It was a purification ceremony. During it, I prayed for the prosperity of my family, the local community and my company, - said the ceremony participant Naoaki Yamaguchi. “If we fail to end COVID-19, many things will remain off-limits, so I also wished for the pandemic to end.”

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Until 2020, the New Year's ritual at the Tokyo temple was held for more than a hundred worshipers. But under the anti-COVID restrictions, the number of participants in the ceremony had to be reduced five times.

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