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The first online cinema festival will be held at RosaeHutor

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The new film festival will be held in September at the Rosa Khutor resort.

The first festival of online cinemas "New Season" will be held on September 18-24 at the Sochi resort "Rosa Khutor". This was reported to TASS on Thursday in the press service of the new screening.

"From September 18 to 24, the first festival of online cinemas "New Season" will be held at the Rosa Khutor resort," the press service noted. The largest Russian platforms will show the main series of the 2022-2023 season. "Representatives of the services will discuss issues that concern the industry, determine the vector of development and interaction. The focus of the festival is the premiere series,“ the press service added.

Among the platforms that confirmed their participation: START, KION, Okko, Kinopoisk, Premier, IVI, . Producer and director of the festival "New Season" —Polina Zueva. The festival program will be announced soon. The New Season Festival will be held with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

"Recently there have been several discussions about the future of online cinemas, but such short conversations are not enough to understand the further development path. It seems important to us to gather key industry players for more thorough discussions of trends and plans, as well as for showing the main future hits," said Eduard Iloyan, founder and general producer of START, whose words were quoted in the press service.

CEO of MTS Media/KIONIgor Mishin stressed that the active development of online platforms led to the creation of his own festival. Content Director of the Yandex Plus and Fintech Business Group Olga Filipuk added that streaming services joined the industry of creating original content three or four years ago, but during this time they managed to become part of the film process. "I am impressed by the idea that there is an annual event where the main players of the industry will meet to present bright series that viewers will put in the "I will watch" tab in the future," she shared.

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