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On the Chinese island of Taiwan, people take wine courses while staying at home

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On the Chinese island of Taiwan, people are trying to keep themselves busy without breaking home isolation.

In Asia - and in China in particular - many have become fascinated with the wine culture of old Europe. People take classes in oenology - the art of recognizing different varieties of wine and studying the technology of their production and storage, and on the Web they unite in virtual communities.

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tasting, using your own glass, following his explanations on the streaming channel, - admits math teacher Kandis Jan. - I get everything that I wanted, and a little more warmth and comfort, because I can do it at home."

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Eminent Taiwanese sommelier, that is, an expert in winemaking, Peter Petrus still believes that his profession involves direct contact with the audience, and streaming NG broadcasts are nothing more than an ersatz for quarantine.

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"When you uncork a bottle of wine, when oxygen enters the liquid, an oxidation process immediately starts," says sommelier Peter Petrus. "Besides, pouring wine into small samples, packing it in a thermal container, sending it by courier so that the client receives it at a certain time - all this, of course, is very difficult."

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Anyway, Taiwanese , like representatives of many other nations, manage not to lose heart and even find new centers of interest, despite strict quarantine.

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As of April 25, a total of 426 people have been infected with coronavirus in Taiwan, of which 275 have already recovered, six have died.

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