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Muscovites enthusiastically master the nearest beaches

13.07.2020 45 просмотров

In Moscow, in mid-July, an anomalous heat for this summer month and our geographical latitudes came.

The high temperature coincided with the period of the global pandemic, preventing the citizens from leaving the capital and going abroad, although Russian expanses are open to tourists. Nevertheless, many rushed to the nearby river water, which in some areas of the capital literally splashes at the doorstep, as, for example, in the Strogino area.

Moscow Strogino 4.jpg

"I come here quite often this year because it's clean, well-groomed, a good beach, a lot of people, a lot of pretty girls, and in general everything is high! - says a vacationer named Alexei. - It's all invented, invented. Yes, of course, there is a coronavirus, but it was in the nineties " .

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Olga Melnichikhina also agrees with Aleksey, who rests here: "It's spacious! It's beautiful! Despite the large number of people, it's not crowded here. Space, water, sailboats! Pleasant water eggs, air, good weather - I like it here! Strogino is great!"

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"I come here quite often," said Muscovite Igor Lebedev. - I really like it here - a beautiful, clean beach. There are a lot of people here - there are people to meet, talk to ... In addition, the weather allows this year. Many people work without holidays. And there’s more movement here… Am I afraid of COVID 19? I think you shouldn't be afraid of the open air, although I am suspicious of people who cough and sneeze"…

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Like on Israeli beaches, in Russia people sunbathing by the water don't actually wear masks. Nevertheless, the rescuers who periodically bypass the resting public urge people not to lose vigilance.

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